A Goal Achieved

After nearly a year of perseverance,  I finally hit my goal of 60 exalted reputations!

Aviary Photo_130504489664031471

I have been rocking ‘The Beloved’ title ever since!

It’s a massive grind for only 10 points, but you do get lots of pretty mounts and tabards AND there’s something inside me that feels happy to see this:

Aviary Photo_130505923331763447

I’ve decided to keep going and see how many I can get. I have all the hard ones left now: Hydraxion Warlords (getting a bit sick of Molton Core!!), Booty Bay, Frenzyheart (I can’t be bothered after working so hard for the Oracles!) etc etc. I don’t feel a mad rush, but it’ll be nice to see if I can get a couple more done before WoD.

Do you guys like rep grinding?

Gaining Approval of the Kurenei

This week, I have been working towards my 59th rep, and after a couple of days of old-school grinding, I had it.

That rep is Kurenei, with the Ogres of Nagrand.

Aviary Photo_130503640410483496

I’m going to write a tiny post about how I went about gaining that rep. There might be more efficient ways to farm it, but this suited my current on/off mood.

Location (unscientifically tested!)

1. Northwind Cleft

  • 31 ogres to kill per lap
  • takes about 2mins per lap
  • 6-8 beads gained (including respawns on the way back)
  • Start outside, kill and loot all. In cave, turn right until you can’t. Turn 180 then follow same proceedure. Lots of ores in this cave too.
  • Pros: nice circular route, fast respawning ogres, good mining nodes
  • Cons: lots of levellers and popular with other rep grinders as lots of websites suggest this site



Start here, enter cave and keeeeel.

2. Laughing Skull Ruins (near ring of blood)

  • 29-32 ogres to kill per lap
  • takes about 2mins per lap
  • 10-12 beads gained (including any respawns en route)
  • Start at one end and work your way across vertically following the mini village layout
  • Pros: more beads, out in the open (I hate caves!)
  • Cons: heavily contested by levellers and others in the area

Rep Gain

  • Make sure you do all the relevant quests, this should take you to almost revered
  • You get 11 rep per ogre plus the Warbeads you can hand in at Telaa. I handed the beads in every 100 stack, but others prefer to save those towards Consortium rep and just grind ogres. I personally find that a bit soul destroying, but each to their own.

To summarise – it’s a mean grind but you feel it goes quite quickly as you have quest items to hand in for instant reward. You pick up a LOT of netherweave cloth too – stacks of the stuff – so that’s a nice perk. Lots of competition for mobs though, so I always did it later at night.

Hope this helps!


The Triumphant Return!

So, we did it, we re-subscribed to Warcraft. We were both missing it and it seemed like a good time now I am on holiday for the summer.

It’s funny though, as soon as I logged in, I went afk for a bit, chatted for a bit, then flew around aimlessly for a bit. It was only after a couple of days after re-subbing that I decided I needed some goals. So, I picked up right where I left off – working for my 60 reps, grinding for the few mounts I need and working on any achievements that take my fancy. Mr B is busy working on more alts, and gearing more alts for pvp. Each to their own I suppose………………….

Things feel different this time though. Perhaps we have wised up a bit and got a better attitude, or perhaps it was a clean break which made us appreciate the game. Probably a mixture of the two, but this is definitely a question of balance. For us and our lifestyle, playing multiple hours a day and prioritising dailies/gear/guild over ‘real life’, and dare I say… each other?… wasn’t healthy. This time around, logging in for an hour, doing something fun and logging out to enjoy the rest of our day away from a screen feels much better.

Anyway, I have a post lined up in the next couple of days about what we’ve been upto in more detail, so ciao for now!

Another (small) Addiction


Who would have thought one little number would cause so much frustration???

It’s been a while since we did a tablet game review so, here it is!


We were chatting about this on twitter a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d write up a short post about the game. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Free from the app store
  • No facebook or real money needed for progression
  • Improves skills – it’s a strategy game
  • Super simple to use, even older kids could play it


  • Extremely addictive!!

This little game is all about matching pairs of numbers by swiping up or down, which eventually add up to 2048. For example: match two 2′s, which makes 4. Match two 4′s which make 8. Match two 8′s which make 16 etc. The catch is, every time you move a number, a new one is created so you need to keep matching. If all the squares in the grind fill up, you loose.

2048 2

My highest score is about 7000 points, which equates to making the number 1,024. I haven’t yet completed the game.

Weekend News

It’s coming to the end of the school term so I am madly busy and Mr B has been unwell. Between us, we only turned the computer on for the first time all week on Thursday for an hour (very unlike us!), which means we don’t have much to write about this week at all.

What we can tell you though, is that we are trying out a new mod pack for Minecraft called Hexxit which we have been playing in Survival with two friends. I was going to do a short review, but as I sat down, the server crashed and we’ve been unable to get it going again. I’ll write one up in the next couple of weeks instead.

So far so good, though. Loads of items and new mobs to play with. We especially like the giraffes and elephants! It’s apparently aimed at adventure, and there are certainly many dungeons and caves with lots of cool loot. I know the boys have been enjoying those, whereas us girls have been building and primping more than anything else.

In other news, I’ve been knitting lots of things in the evenings where I would usually play WoW. I’ll put some photos up at the bottom (if you know of a good Warcraft pattern, hit me up!). We are both missing Warcraft, but every time we think about resubbing, we wonder exactly what we would do and always come to the same conclusion: nothing. Come 6.0, we will be there with bells on!


George, he’s tiny, but very cute!

bunny blanket prac

A little baby comforter. This was a practice for a gift I’m going to make :)

Minecraft Series #4 – MCDONALD’S!

Here is the next building to show off our Entertainment Complex, Maccy D’s!

I shamelessly copied the design from one of my favourite Minecrafters, Keralis. Here are some of our pics, and the video is below.

2014-06-28_18.09.26The inside:


The serving/prep area:


The little drive-thru area:


It’s a great little build, but be warned, he does whizz through the talk through – get the pause buttons ready!

I changed the inside slightly, and made lots of changes to the car park so it fit in with our world, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

Wildstar Follow-Up

Apologies for the silence, we’ve been busy this week!

As promised, a write up for our Wildstar experience. We honestly don’t have a huge amount extra to say – if you’d like to read our other post, click here.

wildstar1After our initial play through, Mr B wasn’t interested at all in exploring the game further. Unfortunately… “more of the same, it’s boring” was about the description uttered.

I stuck with it however, and did another level but I can’t say my initial thoughts changed much.

Questing: The questing is like normal questing – grindy, silly (collecting leeks, really?) and running about everywhere. What I did like, however, was picking up random bonus quests – I assume this has something to do with the specialisation you pick at the start – and I had a nice little exploration quest up a tree. A good idea, very much like the random bonus events in Diablo.

Levelling: Certainly more challenging and time consuming than the other MMO’s that I’ve played! The use of the mini-map, as I said before, is clever, but some quests don’t feel too linear which is confusing.

Looks: Very pretty, graphics are brilliant. Scenery is very nice and the default UI is fine. Unfortunately, neither of our computers (mine is only a year old!) can run it, so even with graphics low – which looks terrible by the way – there’s too much lag to play effectively. I like that you don’t have loads of abilities at once (I’m looking at YOU Warcraft!) but I hate using F to interact.

Variety: There’s lots of interesting characters to choose from and they’re all quite unique. I didn’t get chance to play them, but I did flick through. You get to have a lot of input into your character too, which is nice.

The Future: As I said last time, this game feels too much like a laggy, unpolished WoW to me so there’s no way I would subscribe. However, if it ever lost this sub-based model, I would be the first to buy the game. I could see myself pottering around it in a few spare moments, but not enough to make a sub financially viable.

All this being said, I didn’t get far in levels and I know many people that love the game. The guest pass is a fab way of finding out whether its for you!