Tank and healer combination: a match made in marriage?

Mr B:

For a long time I played blood DK. Tanked raids, dungeon finder and LFR with the missus healing on her shaman. It worked quite well, we knew how the other played and as we play sitting next to each other, we can communicate easily.

However, I really hated tanking, especially dungeon and LFR. Probably due to the amount of idiots. I understand people speed running the instances, but I want to enjoy the mechanics of them (especially in early MoP). So, I changed my main to ‘lock – which I love.

BUT the wife stared nagging. Even more than normal. She wants to do challenge modes, we need a tank, etc etc. I caved. Anything for a quiet life!

So, I spent yesterday re-remembering how to play DK. Forgot how good the survivability is with the self-heals – quite enjoyed the change of pace from dps. It also means, if I tank, I am in charge – feel the power! Mrs B hadn’t played shammy for a long time too, so we spent yesterday running dungeon finder and did some Glory of the Cata Hero with the guild to try and remember how to work together.

This is what a half day of me bossing the wife about did to her:


I’m doomed!


4 thoughts on “Tank and healer combination: a match made in marriage?

  1. My husband and I played together, he tank and I heals, for the longest. In fact, he introduced me to the game when we first met and that’s how I got hooked. But now that he doesn’t play anymore (I’m trying really hard to bring him back) I find myself grumbling when I get bad tanks or bad healers.

    Playing together for so long we’ve created a certain pace I’m accustomed to so it’s weird when you have to get back into the groove of things without your safety net. :p

  2. I completely agree – I panic healing with other tanks as I’m so used to Mr B’s style. I hope you manage to get your husband playing again, isn’t it a great hobby to share 😀

  3. I also like the feeling of power. However I always end up healing because I feel others can’t do it well enough. Even when I dps I throw a few heals out 😛 I wish my girlfriend enjoyed dungeons and raiding. I lost her to *shudders* role playing.

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