Monday Moan #1

Welcome to my regular feature, every woman’s perrogative, my monday moan.


This week: acronyms. The name says it all – another way to say an already extremely complicated WoW name or event. No kidding, I saw this in Trade Chat this week:

LFM DPS DS10 ilvl 460 meet at AH for inspec.

This was also a good one:

2700+ RBG LF partner 2v2 spriest.

Seriously?! BT, BoT, HoT, HoF, ICC, CoC… the list goes on. These are just some examples of the ones I can actually remember!

WHY do people feel the need to shorten these things when they’re already using a macro… they only have to type it out once anyway! Gah, us noobs need things simple… warcraft is already complicated enough.

Rant over. See you next Monday!

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