Mr and Mrs WoW Re-roll Day #2

Quick Stats

  • Day: 2
  • Level: 10
  • Cash: 58s 8c
  • Zone: Dun Morogh
  • Number of Mrs B’s deaths: 1

Today we spent running around killing Wendigos (or whatever they’re called – the yeti things). I quite enjoyed pretending to be a ninja. I think Mr B got a bit fed up of me yelling “STEALTH STEALTH STEALTH” whenever I snuck up on a mob. He did let me die though – even though he has a handy little pet for grabbing the aggro. I’m not ashamed of my noobish dying – I’ll keep a tally so you can all see!

Oh, I took Combat (because I’m a ninja – obvs.) and apparently I wear leather. Mr B told me I needed Agility but I’m not being given that, so going for Stamina instead. Gear is guesswork at the moment. *Note to self – read icyveins*

Spent some hours trying to stop her killing herself by ninja pulling half of a cave of Wendigos. Took Beast Mastery and enjoyed jumping and shooting things. Dunegons soon!

One thought on “Mr and Mrs WoW Re-roll Day #2

  1. Rogue – agility everything! and stock up on health potions & bandages (first aid) I’m a terrible rogue but I do love stealthing around. It slows my questing down because I try to only kill stuff I really can’t avoid or stuff I have to for quest. Having said that, I’m useless at jumping around & moving quickly – if you got those skills, you may not need quite so many bandages 🙂 lol

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