Mr B’s Gnome Monk

So we have transfered to a new server!!

Mrs B moved her mage across last week and I have moved her hunter across for her valentines day present (romantic, I know). Instead of transfering mine, I decided to level a new toon instead: I choose a monk, but rather go with a fat panda – just predictable – I went with a gnome to make a tiny little kung fu god.



As I’m writing this I’m level 66 in the horror that is Outlands, I hate it – questing is so fragmented. I’m leveling using MrsB’s mage to boost me through dungeons every level that I am able topick up the quest in them.Still, taking a long time.

I think Blizzard have done a really good job with the new animations: watching my gnome punch and kick a mob to death is a welcome change to using big weapons on them. My favourite ability so far has to be “Flying Serpent Kick”… I just love soaring though the air and landing right next to the mob! There have been a couple of hairy moments when I have kicked my way too far and almost aggro’d too many, but Mrs B and I had a lovely competiton to see who could blink furthest. I won, of course.

WoWScrnShot_021313_153910Flying Serpent Kick

At 90 I’m planning on doing PvP. My current working hours means it’s quite hard to find a raiding guild with times that suit me, so as much as I like PvE’ing, I just can’t commit to it at the moment.. I’m hoping to get most of the PvP achievements, I just hope I’m a little bit good. I’ll film some of it and post it on here and you can let me know what you think of my skills.

2 thoughts on “Mr B’s Gnome Monk

  1. Ahhh, I love monks. I have a panda “Bruuslee” (predictable I know), that is now at level 85. With flying serpent kick, there is a glyph you can get that auto-stops you when you reach your mob. Also it took me a while to figure out that you have to click it to ‘go’ and click it again to ‘stop’ when you reach your mob, although equipping the glyph stops the need for that. Happy monking!

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