The Daily Grind Part 2

Mrs B ~

As I have mentioned in “The Daily Grind” (, I am not a fan of dailies.

Thibaste aka @OnTheLevelBlog on Twitter is a new real ID who shares my dislike of dailies. He nails the main issue on the head: “I just do not have the time to commit to dailies, which means my rep takes ages”. I think it’s a great shame that a lot of players are missing out on gear upgrades because they don’t have hours to commit to dailies. I hear that in 5.2  there will be a new raid players can use as a mini rep grind, but is this too little too late?

You can read Thibaste’s blog here:

Anyway, I have pulled my finger out and I am currently doing 4 rep grinds: Shieldwall, Celestials, Shado Pan and Klaxxi and they take – if I do them all – 2 hours to complete. I am 2 or 3 days off exalted with Shado and Klaxxi so I’m feeling very smug – the light at the end of the tunnel feeling. I must admit, the mount is my main motivation, even if they will depleat my gold stock somewhat. These are my last ones (other than the Black Prince) before the two new factions come out in 5.2. *phew*


Golden Lotus

Whilst I have been grinding the various reputations, I must admit to having a few favourites.

  1.  Rampage Against the Machine (Klaxxi): Riding Kovok and killing mantid. Brilliant fun and I can pretend I am a tank for 5 glorious minutes. Incidentally, I also enjoyed the quest lines unlocking the paragons: particularly killing Jiao, the large squid like creature.


  1. Flames of the Void (August Celestials): Riding on a Cloud Serpent and being a Fireman by putting out the flames. Once I’d figured out how to do it, I really enjoy it!
  2. Riding the Storm (Shado Pan): Another Cloud Serpent type quest (I see a theme here!). For this, you get to grapple your way through a bunch of flying serpents and beat them into submission. Awesome.
  3. Jumping the Shark (Anglers): You get to beat up a shark… what could be more empowering?

The worst?

  1. Golden Lotus: Not one of these did I enjoy. Perhaps it was because I was on a PvP server and spent most of my time trying to avoid getting ganked, or perhaps it was because they just weren’t fun. I suppose picking up the dead fish at the Lake was quite entertaining…
  2. A Blade is a Blade (Celestials): I don’t like this as the mobs are all very close together and really pack a punch. I die a lot unless I’m grouped with someone, and you have to be careful with your positioning.
  3. Survival Ring (Golden Lotus): I HATED this one: I couldn’t do it without a healer. Whether this is because I was lacking the technique, or whether it’s because I wasn’t paying attention, I don’t know.
  4. Poop (Cloud Serpent): This, coupled with the other dailies on this rotation, was awful. I couldn’t get the poop without killing the mobs, and at this point my iLvl was very low and I was struggling to stay alive. Whenever this set was up, I’d skip it and just do the cooking/archaeology/fishing ones.
  5. Kunzen dailies (Tillers): Mostly, I enjoy farming with the Tillers, but I really wanted to get to exalted quicker so I started the dailies. I didn’t enjoy them at all – again, I had bad gear and could only pull one mob at a time, in a place where they were largely concentrated. To stop dying so frequently, I would jump off the cliff and slow fall to get out of combat instead. Not good!

So, do you have a favourite, or a least favourite daily?


2 thoughts on “The Daily Grind Part 2

  1. I’m not a great daily fan either even though I love questing. That said riding the shark (because it’s quick), running up the temple of the Tiger with the flame (because I’m a masochist) and the Temple of the Red Crane ones I quite like. The rest I mostly hate and as soon as I’m exalted with said faction stop doing immediately.

  2. my main is a rogue i hate dying and like to stalk and kill mobs patiently. The trouble causing aggro generating shado pan ” helpers” drive me to distraction on their dailies.

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