Monday Moan #5

Sorry for not posting a moan last Monday – we were out visiting family.

This week, it’s all about NPCs.


Whilst doing dailies, I have been really irritated by how closely they follow you. Look at this:

WoWScrnShot_022013_123426  WoWScrnShot_022013_123440

I always end up clicking the NPC by mistake in the middle of a stupidly large pull, then not being able to get rid of the quest page that pops up. Or, I end up pulling large amounts of mobs because I land and can’t see because the stupid thing is in the way.

The worst, as in the pictures, I think is Shado Pan. The kite flies really close, there’s lots of mobs close together, and even on land they’re just TOO close. Incidentally, the set of NPCs in the Firelands dailies – at Sethria’s Roost – they are a perfect distance away and don’t interfere with game play at all.

Sort it out, Blizz!

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