Monday Moan #6


This week I’m going to be moaning about something which irritates everyone – I’m assuming – immensely.

That something is item stealing.

I’m talking about when you’re casually (or in my case – manically) trying to complete numerous dailies when some IDIOT comes along, sneaks up behind you and nabs that Sithik weapon you’ve been killing a mob for.

This happened to me today… I was doing August Celestials (the only MoP faction I have left) and I am almost finished. I’ve healed the dudes, I’ve collected the Ox food and I just have to collect the weapons and kill the bugs. Now, these mobs are really close together and respawn very quickly so you have to be very careful about where you 1. place yourself and 2. pull the mobs. I have died many times before I mastered the art in this particular place.

Back to the story. I was doing AC and killing the bugs when along came one of those pandas. A fat, sneaky panda who obviously knows nothing about cameraderie as he was Alliance and NICKED MY DROPS. I was having enough trouble keeping the damn bugs off me but I decided it was worthwhile to yell abuse at him in /s. Totally worth dying for.

Rant over, see you next week.


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