The last 24hours has been a day of achievements for me, which I have enjoyed immensely.

Firstly, my guildie, Hapie, and I ran some dungeons for mounts. I wanted Ashes of Alar but it was not to be, but Hapie did get the Azure Drake from the Eye of Eternity which he was really happy about!



Then, we ran some HCs with the guild and I managed to get a couple of achievements which I’ve been after for a while but find hard to do in LFG as you get moaned at for not dps-ing:


Glintrok Rock N Roll is just a speed run of Mogu’shan Palace, which was easy with 3 raid-ready guildmates. We were running for valour and the guild challenges which keeps our cashflow nice and steady.

Respect is from Shado-Pan Monastery, you need to bow to all the kungfu guys after you defeat them (you know you’re doing it right when they stand up afterwards!). I recommend making a macro to do this – but it’s not particularly difficult with enough dps to cover your absence whilst you do it.

The Tranquil Master – I didn’t even realise this was available until Mr B said I only needed the Sha of Despair to complete it. Luckily, Hapie (I think he wants to make it up to me that he got the mount!) had the quest to summon him so off we went to Krasarang Wilds to finish the job. Easily done with the two of us and I got a rather fetching title which I shall wear for the day – replacing my favourite Loremaster one – to honour Hapie’s help.


Thanks for all your help buddy ❤

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