Galleon… A Guest Post

Another day in the life of Chassombre, a noob level 86 hunter, who has nothing better to do than spawn camp Salysis’s Warband (aka Galleon): the rare Mushan which spawns every 2-3 hours. We had about 200 players spawn camping him…we got incredibly bored, so we decided to see how many mammoths we could find in one go!
galleon 1
Galleon has 320 million health, so it requires at least 30 good geared players to kill him. He has 4 abilities:
  1. Fire Shot: where Saurok Skirmishers shoot Fire Flaming Crossbow bolts at random players, inflicting a mere 30k damage,
  2. Stomp: which hits quite a bit harder. Galleon stomps the ground, inflicting a huge 250k damage to every player within 100 yards and stuns them for 3 seconds.
  3. Cannon Barrage: Chief Salysis (Galleons Rider) orders his minions to fire off 8 powerful cannon blasts, inflicting 600k fire damage to all enemies within 10 yards and knocks them back.
  4. Salyin Warmonger: Chief Salysis’s warmongers jump down onto the ground to engage players and don’t do much damage at all – they only have one ability, and that is called Impaling Pull, all that does is they pull a target towards them and inflicts 30k damage to them.

g 2

Once galleon is down, a few lucky players will receive a epic 496 Item Level item, one or two may even be lucky enough to receive the mount, Son of Galleon, which is a very rare drop. but if you’re like me, you will only get a Marauder’s Gleaming Sack of Gold, which contains 27 gold, 50 silver. Even if you get gold, do not give up! eventually you will get an item! I went 17 weeks straight without an item, now I have got 3 in the past month!
g 3
The elusive mount
This has been my guide to PWNing Galleon!
Thanks for reading 🙂
Chassombre/Hapie – Silvermoon Alliance!

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