Monday Moan #8


It was a tough choice what to moan about this week as there has been SO much that has annoyed me!!

I chose:

Caves and Mines

Now, remember I am currently levelling only my fourth character and I haven’t run these quests lots. This is generally how it pans out:

1.Pick up quest

2. Follow tomtom arrow (without reading quest objective) to middle of field on top of hill
3. Fly around looking for the question mark
4. Don’t find question mark, get annoyed, read objective, realise it’s in a cave, /sigh and fly to bottom of hill
5. Fly around hill for several minutes trying to find entrance


6. Fly into entrance, pull lots of mobs, get dismounted, die from pulling too many mobs
7. Graveyard, spend another 5minutes finding corpse, res, continue into mine/cave/hellhole
8. Head in general direction of arrow trying to follow an incomprehensible map and an arrow that points through solid walls
9. Kill mobs, kill some more mobs, pull an elite by accident, die and repeat steps 7 and 8
10. Realise I need to collect stuff en route, retrace steps to entrance
11. Pick up items, continue towards the mystical quest handing in place at the end of the cave, try to follow mini map which is NOT helpful at all
12. /spit on a horde stealing my items whilst I fight the mob in front of it
13. Get hopelessly lost in the cave, get really cross, retrace steps to entrance, repeat steps 8, 11 and 12


14. Give up, ask Mr B to come and help, he refuses stating that I ‘have to learn’, get annoyed and continue onwards
15. Eventually find quest mob, on top of a ledge. Realise I am on the wrong level. Get annoyed. Repeat Step 13.
16. Find the quest giver, realise follow-up quest requires going somewhere else in the mine, abandon it and head out
17. Repeat step 13
18. Give up, hearthstone and vow never to put myself through it again


At another dead-end


8 thoughts on “Monday Moan #8

  1. Yeah it is a harsh world but reading the quest text will nearly always help you mre than your TomTom arrow guided by whatever addon is pointing it.

    If you’re lost and Mr B is being mean use wowhead, it is an awesome resource for stupid to find quest objectives and sometimes you’ll get a screenshot along with a commentary.

    Lastly a priest is an awful class to quest with if you’re questing at the “correct level” in the quest reward gear. Just take your time slow kill the mobs in teh area you are exploring and chill out, those mobs are giving you XP and that will help you level faster anyway.

    Another bit of advice when levelling a priest is be a zone behind so all the quests are green, you be amazed at how much faster you kill stuff and while the XP per kill and quest is les the XP per hour is a lot better

  2. OMG yes. I could have written this post myself. I always cringe when I realise the quest is in a cave because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to tell which way to go from the minimap. Plus then I always find out there were items I should have been picking up along the way. Hearthstone for the win!

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  4. Haha, aww you poor thing. I share the same frustration. You are not alone! Lol, I like that you have a moan category, good to vent every once in a while πŸ™‚

    • My moan category is right from when we started the blog but I thought last night I might resurrect it… maybe not every week as I have little to moan about at the mo!

      • ThatΒ΄s great, and if you find you moan too much, just stop that and be awesome instead! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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