Mad about WoW?

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know that we tweet about our inability to separate WoW from our ‘regular’ lives, as well as the hashtags such as:

#YouKnowYouPlayTooMuchWoW when the microwave dings and you say “grats”

#YouKnowYouPlayTooMuchWoW when your husband says “DINNER INCOMING!”

What also inspired this post was when a Twitter pal (@leewallbank) and I got chatting about me saying “grats” to a co-worker on her marriage. We went on to discuss him refraining from saying “ding” at a Birthday. I dare one of you! Then, about how Mr B had to make up for being naughty by getting me some lovely Birthday gifts… which he described as “epic loot”… /groan

But wait, it gets worse.

The infraction aforementioned was, in fact, this card:



I need to get my revenge. All suggestions welcome.



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