20 Days of WoW – Day 11

Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws

Because I’m a technophobe, I didn’t realise this hadn’t posted – sorry guys. Here’s day 11, a little out of order ^^

I haven’t been playing all that long, so I don’t suppose I have too many of these. However, a couple do spring to mind:

  1. Not checking loot from the boss before entering raid/dungeon etc
  2. Not reading quest objectives when leveling – I tend to just head to the spot and see which mob needs killing. In hindsight, I could save a lot of time if I skim the quest as I pick it up, as I usually have to stop and find out what I’m doing!
  3. Not capping valour each week. Sorry Blizz, I just don’t have the time, Especially with the 40mins+ of queue time for LFG or LFR.
  4. Not leveling professions on my two alts. Going to get on that this week…
  5. Eating near the computer / eating whilst raiding / not stopping to eat. Laziness really I suppose!

I can’t think of many, but here goes…

  1. Lack of concentration span on my toons – I tend to get bored and switch, do a couple of levels, switch, do an LFR, switch, do some professions etc etc
  2. Lazy when farming. I usually just buy all my profession mats and any other mats I might need.
  3. Secondary professions remain at 0/600. I just cannot be bothered!

Do you have any bad habits?

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