A Day with Mr and Mrs B…

The 20 Days of WoW challenge got me thinking about the time we spend on WoW together. Then it got me thinking about how our readers may be a bit interested in how our dynamic works… well, I would be, but I’m super nosey. Mr B types r e a l l y types slowly, so I’ll be writing with him adding in ‘helpful’ snippets.

Two Gnomes Together

So, here we go!

1. Log on around 5pm, usually together. Mr B gets up when I come home from work (he works nights) so we tend to have a cuppa and a biscuit before sitting down to WoW.
2. I have a chat in-guild or on TS whilst he reads the news sites. It usually goes something like this:

  • “Sorry, say that again? Wasn’t listening. Chatting…” 
  • “Pinnacle of Storms is opening tomorrow and I’ve found a video to show me how to down Ebonlocke and can you lend me 15k to buy the tome and do you want another cup of tea?”
  • “Hang on a sec guys on TS… What is Pinnacle of Storms and why are you killing a cup of tea? I’m so confused!”
  • “ARGH Pinnacle of Storms is the new raid! I told you about it last week.” (sorry, slept since then!)
  • “What new raid?”
  • “Don’t you EVER read the news? (NO! That’s what you’re for ;)) The new LFR, and I’ve found out how to kill Ebonlocke.”
  • “Is Ebonlocke the boss or something? Why don’t you just get a group together?” (By this point I’m thinking about how I really need to paint my nails…)
  • “Nooooo… he is the Warlock quest boss and it’s a solo scenario.”
  • “So, why is there a new raid? Is that solo too?” (by this point, he’s usually sighing heavily and gives up)

3. Once we’re both online, we usually group for buffs whilst we do dailies and queue for LFR together. However, I like to start at the end and work backwards (I prioritise the best loot for raiding) and Mr B likes to do ToT in storyline / boss order.

Aviary Photo_130108584192425766

4. LFR is generally about me moaning about people’s ignorant behaviour and him lagging so much he can’t do anything. Or boasting about his DPS. Usually both.
5. Once LFR(s) are done – seems like never as there are so many – we tend to do a mount run together or boost the other person’s alts. That usually goes like this…

  • “Now listen, STAY HERE (at the entrance) and don’t move I’m going to pull the whole room. STAY.”
  • “Ok, got it…”
  • “No, don’t follow me. Don’t even heal me. Stay there.”
  • … edges closer to see what’s going on…
  • “Oops, sorry..”
  • I’m not ressing you now, you can run back. I warned you not to come in!”
  • “Pleaaaaase, it’s such a long walk back!”
  • “Nuh uh, nope, no way.”
  • “Plleeeeeaaaase, I’ll make you a cup of tea!”
  • “URGH ok then, but this time don’t move! Knobber.”
  • “Love youuuuuuuu!”

6. Going along to the transmog runs (like Black Temple), getting bored and putting him on follow /giggle… he gets cross that I get the spoils from his hard work! They’re just so boring though…
7. Mount runs – usually ending in me alt/tabbing to read twitter, leaving him to unexpectedly deal with the Onyxia trash and dies because he wasn’t prepared. Oops.

Of course, every day is different, but this is a small insight to what goes on in our front room during WoW Hours!


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