Re-roll, Day 3 (Tigers, Tigers, Tigers)

  • Level: 30
  • Gold: 46g 19s – we ran a lot of dungeons!
  • Area(s): Darkshire, Northern Stranglethorn Vale
  • Favourite moment / quest: Lashtail Hatchling (I love how cute she is, following you around and eating the basilisks!)


  • Least favourite moment / quest: I didn’t really like the drearyness of Darkshire and the ghosts and worgens….
  • Instances: we grouped with guildies and ran Scarlet Monastery about a million times, Maraudon, Stockades and Gnomeregan
  • Favourite ability: I finally got Chain Lightening. Still can’t beat the missus on single target dps… even though I own her on AoE!

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