Boar Spirit

Whilst searching for a new pet, I stumbled across one I’d never heard, nor seen, before and was immediately intrigued.


Boar Spirit, Razorfen Kraul

This is the boar spirit from RFK in Southern Barrens, a level 30ish instance.

Key Points

  • He has an interesting translucent skin and just under 2k hp
  • He is spawned from the 2nd boss in the instance – Aggem Thorncurse
  • He dies just after taming, but don’t panic, with a revive he’ll be right as rain

Taming Strategy

As a level 90, this poses its own unique set of problems; namely, not one-shotting the boss. This is what I did:

  • Skip all the trash and head straight for the boss
  • Clear the trash just before the boss so you have an unobstructed view of Mr T
  • Dismiss pet
  • Concussive shot Thorncurse and immediately untarget him. Pull right back.
  • Wait 5 seconds for the boar to spawn, hit tame and when he’s yours, kill the boss

Here he is again, for your viewing pleasure.


I think he’s pretty cool and very “badass”. Being low level, he’s also a really good – unique – choice for lowbie hunters.

Happy Taming!


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