I’m sure you’re all aware of the lovely /commands. We thought we would do a short post with some of our favourites.

We can’t do without these little beauties, and if you’re new to them, you can use them alone in /s or by targeting someone.



My most useful day-to-day

  1. /thank (it’s always nice to be polite!)
  2. /ignore (for the trolls)
  3. /wave
  4. /bye
  5. /hello

My most used in guild

  1. /flex (to show your prowess)
  2. /sleep (for when nothing else fits!)
  3. /hug
  4. /poke
  5. /dance

My favourites!WoWScrnShot_050513_133807 – because they’re funny!

  1.              /moo
  2.              /train
  3.             /chicken
  4.             /lick
  5.             /shoo


Here I am, clucking around the innkeeper!

Ganking? Use these for your convenience.

  1. /spit (not a nice one, but helpful)
  2. /lol
  3. /rofl
  4. /hug (this gets you an achievement, if you /hug when they’re dead and haven’t released)
  5. /slap

My most used in raids

  1. /sorry

Do you have any favourites?


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