Monday Moan #12

It’s that time of the week again!


Let me introduce you to the most annoying screen in the WHOLE of gaming:


…and it happens to me every time I cross a world boarder on the back of someone else’s mount.


Generally, if I log back in quick enough it doesn’t dismount me, but usually I end up having an impomptu parachute jump every 3minutes if I’m being flown on a lowbie alt.

This bug seems to have replaced getting dismounted every time you cross a boarder, and to be honest, I’m not sure which I prefer. Still, it makes you learn where the zone boarders are pretty quickly!

Do you have this problem?


One thought on “Monday Moan #12

  1. I think it’s connected to the cross-realm zones. You are basically not on the same server as the person in front of the mount when that person crosses the border. But as soon as you zone in over the border you’re back on the same server. It’s just a second or two, but it’s still long enought to cause problems.

    Really annoying that it’s gone from just dismounting to disconnecting. O.o
    Hope they fix it soon.

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