Ghostcrawler Goodness

You all know my love of sparkly hunter pets, and Ghostcrawler was one I wanted really badly.


Key Points

  • Named after Greg Street, systems designer for World of Warcraft
  • Spirit Beast with the Spirit Beast Blessing – a nice heal to get you out of trouble (it also looks very pretty!)
  • I camped for 3 days, others got him after a few hours, so you need to be patient
  • You need to have done the Vashj’ir starter quest to get your underwater breathing or this will be super difficult

Taming Strategy

  • As a level 90, the tame itself is not a hard one. Pop deterrance and hit tame, the difficulty is finding him.

Finding Ghostcrawler

  • I used this map: Wowhead
  • Make a macro: /tar Ghoscrawler and put it on your bar
  • Adop0t one of two strategies: either follow the map in a clockwise motion and spam the macro, or park yourself in the middle to wait for NPC scan to go off. I recommend the former, it’s a lot less dull.
  • This Spirit Beast is unique as he goes in and out of stealth – he will appear, then 30 seconds later, disappear to reappear further along his route. I recommend you swim slowly along his route hitting the macro. Also an awesome time to take your Abyssal Seahorse out for a spin!
  • Have track beasts on! He will show up as a yellow dot – another weapon to spot him.
  • He is a lot smaller than you would think, and Abyssal Depths is gloomy, so look carefully for that glimmer of white and use the macro.
  • Don’t panic if you spotted him and he goes into stealth, just swim a little further up his route to wait.

Happy Taming!

4 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler Goodness

  1. Don’t forget to have super ghostcrab awesomeness with your little battle-pet spirit crab out 😀 You know, all you need now is a spirit crab mount – OMG awesome! LOL

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