My Top Ten Companion Pets

I stumbled across this blog: Sprinkle of Pixels which is encouraging readers to name their favourite companion pets. I love to pet battle and collect, so I thought I’d give it a go.

FYI, this isn’t Mr B’s area of expertise, so I imagine he won’t be saying much!

Number 10 –Β  Clefthoof Runt


He’s cute and I feel that, as a runt, I need to take him under my wing! /sigh, not another one…

Number 9 – Shale Hatchlings (any colour)


These look great as hunter pets too, but I’m only just levelling it as a battle pet so can’t comment on its prowess there as yet.

Number 8 – Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling


Just look at him!! I also like how he moves when he’s in the air, turning circles and flipping over. I love the details in WoW like this, they pay attention to the tiniest of things.

Number 7 – Feline Familiar


Not the best picture, but this is the reason I love him! He suits my witch transmog perfectly, looks amazing, has his own wizards hat and FLIES ON A BROOMSTICK. I love lots of the cat companion pets, but this has to be my favourite one.

Number 6 – Zandalari Footslasher


This is one of my newest pets and I think he’s really cool. I like all of the new MoP pets added, and if you’re not willing to grind them, they’re also pretty cheap on the AH. There’s something very satisfying about grinding all your own pets though! I haven’t started levelling him yet, but I think he’s going to be a pretty awesome addition to my team! We grind the bones and in 600, only one of these dropped. I think we had some bad luck there!

Number 5 – Fossilized Hatchling


I sense a theme here! This pet is one of my favourites purely because he looks awesome, and was a hell of a grind. He also looks brilliant next to his Mum, the Fossilized Raptor. He’s another on my list to level next, as I don’t have an undead member of my main team yet. A bit off topic, but I love the mount. Mrs B does all the profession grinding, so I just get to reap the rewards!

Number 4 – Lofty Libram


This not only looks amazing and is really rare, but also has some excellent battle abilities which I love – including Amplify Magic and Arcane Explosion. The place to grind these is in Hillsbrad Foothills, next to the crater. I must admit, I killed critters for an hour before one spawned, so I captured it and used a stone to upgrade the quality to rare. However you go about it, you must get one if you pet battle – they’re brilliant.

Number 3 – Onyxian Whelpling

onyxia w

I use this as the main pet in my battle team. I think, defeating the tamers, I had only one fight where I didn’t use it. This is for several reasons: it has a brilliant “get me out of trouble” move, – Lift Off – but also, it has a self heal which is really useful. I also quite like its Deep Breath ability, although I tend to favour Lift Off instead.

Number 2 – Nether Faerie Dragon


I am so glad I levelled this pet. She looks beautiful (and matches my frost transmog too!), which is a bonus. However, she has also saved my hide more times than I can count. I didn’t intentionally catch to level her, but I stumbled upon her after I had my first team to 25 and decided I wanted to see whether the Life Exchange was all its cracked up to be. It definitely is! I usually open with Moonfire then a few goes of Slicing Wind and most Aquatics are a gonner. Brilliant addition to my team!

Number 1 – Electrified Razortooth


This was a hard choice, but I chose the Razortooth just because he’s so awesome.

Battle wise, I haven’t been convinced he’s anything particularly special. Devour is helpful, as are the attacks which are strong against Mechanicals.

However, he looks amazing – with the flashing blue light across his scales and glowing blue eyes. I also completely lucked out on getting him (from Isle of Thunder) as it was the first I battled, and he was a rare. Perhaps more of a sentimental pet, but an awesome one none-the-less.

I hopeΒ  you have enjoyed this post – of course, I imagine my favourites will change, but for now I am enjoying them immensely!


9 thoughts on “My Top Ten Companion Pets

  1. The Electrified Razortooth looks really cool. I can see how he made it to the top of your list. I haven’t done any pet battling for a few months but I think I’ll have to try and get me one of those. πŸ™‚

  2. Thankyou for replying to my blogpost! You have a great top 10! I love number 2! That was close to getting into my top 10. And thankyou for letting me know about number 4! – I have never seen one before and now need to get one! πŸ˜€

    Great blog! I will be following πŸ™‚

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    • He looks amazing as you say. I’ve never used him though, didn’t realise the abilities were any good – they all look a a bit… meh? I shall reconsider after this though, thanks!

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