Breakfast Topic Thoughts: What type of character would your mother play in WoW?

I saw that Jojo had posted about a topic she had seen on WoW Insider from @dawnwow about which character her Mum would play, if she played Warcraft. I think it’s a great idea to try to match personalities to a fictional character – it is, of course, why we all read books and play games.

So, with this in mind, I got thinking about what my dear Mama would play. It is very difficult, as she is really outspoken about how much she disagrees with our IT dependent culture and staying in to game instead of going out into the ‘real’ world.

I would also not put her in a crop top… she would be shocked to be showing her bellybutton I think! I put her as a Human, as anything other than a Dwarf (tough as old boots!) seemed inappropriate. She’s not that small though 😀

Aviary Photo_130130354371800823

This is her, a Human Paladin. She is hardy, tough and wears a protective armour. She has many talents and works hard to juggle everything that’s going on with her life… whether helping those she loves or leading people in her professional life. She has an internal light which, although is hard to initially see, when you get to know her it shines through.

She is also not scared to hit you over the head with a hammer if you annoy her…!

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