Re-Roll Day 10 and 11 (We Believe We Can Fly!)

Day 10

  • Level: 60 (almost 61!)
  • Gold: 5g (didn’t sell anything!)
  • Area(s): Hellfire Penninsula
  • Favourite quests / moment: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!! Getting your flight master license after so long having to run feels EPIC!
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: I pulled a lot of the ogres collecting the metal, which caused me to die. Wasn’t impressed. Hellfire generally isn’t my favourite… /yawn
  • Instance(s): Hellfire Ramparts – we both like this one, it’s short, easy to do and relatively interesting. In one run, with rested and quests, we did almost an entire level.
  • Favourite ability: FLYING!


A Panda on a kite looks brilliant!

Day 11

  • Level: 63
  • Gold: –200g – we bought flying and zen flying. Even in-game she’s spending my cash…
  • Area(s): Hellfire Penninsula, Terokkar Forest (at 62)
  • Favourite quests / moment: none, Outland is meh.
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: By Any Means Necessary: you know the quest with Empoor? The one which is really buggy and he takes ages to spawn along his route? That one… spent ages trying to find him!
  • Instance(s): Hellfire Ramparts – multiple times…, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens
  • Favourite ability: I love my meditation cloud. I can’t decide whether to fly or zoom on my awesome cloud!WoWScrnShot_051513_164028

For now, dear readers, Keep Calm and Meditate…

5 thoughts on “Re-Roll Day 10 and 11 (We Believe We Can Fly!)

  1. Nice posting! I just got my Paladin up to lv 69 after a 4 day binge while my son was visiting and playing as well. He dusted off his old Hunter toon and worked to get to lv 87. Myself, I just hit Northrend, one of my favorite questing areas (Howling Fjord bar none my favorite).

    • Mhorgrim – Howling Fjord is one of my favourite… it’s so pretty! Can’t wait to get to Northrend!!

      Yes Saerise, it always feels good to punch baddies in the face 😀

  2. Hellfire would have to be my least favourite zone in the entire game. I really just cannot stand it and try to skip to Zangarmarsh as soon as possible (This usually consists of my bribing my husband or guildies to run me through Ramps a few times). It’s probably not even that bad, but eh. I dunno. Too many bad memories from leveling in BC I guess!

    • Agreed, we did just that – saved rested, did Ramparts a couple of times then skipped to Terokkar Forest. I do like bombing the fel cannons and stuff I suppose, but that’s about it!

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