Re-Roll Day 12 and 13 (Shrooms and Floating Rocks)

Day 12

  • Level: 64
  • Gold: No idea! Lot count now.
  • Area(s): Terrokar Forest, Zangarmarsh (for about half a level)
  • Favourite quests / moment: Ogres, raz smash. I like Zangarmarsh 0 it’s pretty and the supersized mushrooms are awesome.
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: Bone Wastes quests… /yawn
  • Instance(s): Underbog
  • Favourite ability: Healing Spheres are pretty awesome!


Chillin’ with the shrooms…

Day 13

  • Level: 65
  • Area(s): Nagrand!
  • Favourite quests / moment: I love being in Nagrand, the whole zone lifts my spirits. Our favourite quests were the Ring of Blood quests – we did it with some other 60-something’s in the zone. I also like the Corki quests, the little guy gets into so much trouble!
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: Obsidian Warbeads are always a dull grind. Especially since I just farmed them for the Kurani rep.
  • Instance(s): None – we only played for an hour.
  • Favourite ability: N/A


Hiding in Corki’s cage.


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