Five (Silly) Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

Jojo from Admiring Azeroth recently started a ‘mog contest to see who could come up with a set that looks like a companion pet in aid of her birthday celebrations.

I wanted to share my own entry, it’s rather silly, but perfect as I love (and got married at!) Christmas.


As you can see, I chose the Winter Reindeer! Feeling festive yet?!


Head: Doomed Crown of Lei Shen

Shoulders: Tusked Shoulderpads

Back: Sergeant’s Cape

Chest: Expedition Tunic

Shirt: Dark Silk Shirt

Hands: Ghostwalker Gloves

Waist: Belt of Fierce Competition

Legs: Insignia Leggings

Feet: Ghostwalker Boots

Off-hand: Nolkai’s Lantern

Please bear in mind that we weren’t bound by specific armour types etc, we could use what we wanted to create the look. I think it was a fabulous idea and I had a lot of fun – I’d encourage you all to try!

Happy Birthday again, Jojo!


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