Monday Moan #15


I love my wife, but there is one thing that really annoys me!

She is really really tight when it comes to spending money in WoW (not in RL though when she loves to spend mine!). This is particularly evident with buying flight speeds….

She is constantly moaning when playing her alts about the slow mount speeds – she has 150% flying on every alt, and only forked out for 310% on her main, the Mage. What’s really irritating is she can afford 310% flying on all of them. WHAT. A. STINGE.

Recently, it has even resulted in me picking her up on a 2-seater mount and flying her around when we do things together just because it annoys me that she flies so slow.



4 thoughts on “Monday Moan #15

  1. Bwahahaha, you sound like my husband. Though I’m the same in RL, too. In fact, my sister’s nickname for me is Scrooge. I have about 100k just sitting on my account. Only thing I ever really splurge for is an occasional pet. I just like seeing all the zeros on my bag. 😀

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