Happiness at Halfhill


  Welcome to my farm!

As you can see, I have everything I need here, thanks to Tina Mudclaw!


This is where I grow my Pink Turnips, they fetch me a good price at the market you see! I get a bag of them from Merchant Greenfield which gives me 40 plots worth of seeds!

I’ve also got me a scarecrow (he just looks good, he’s rubbish at keeping the birds away!), some pesticide and some water sprinklers for my farm – I can use them to help me with my crops. I bought them from Gina Mudclaw after I got Revered with the Tillers.


This is my mailbox, comes in really handy along with my Hearthstone in my house. I did a whole lot of work for Gina Mudclaw and she was so happy she gave me one! It’s down at the bottom of the farm – you can probably just see it over the top. I tried to take a picture but I’m a bit short you see.


Here I am saying hello to my Yak, Shaggy, and one of my pigs. I worked really hard for Farmer Fung and Fish Fellreed and they gave me these because we’re Best Friends. How kind! I’d rename the Yak if I could though, sounds a bit silly.

WoWScrnShot_060113_132005 WoWScrnShot_060113_123738

I keep all my tools right next to my house, easy to find you see. I put a picture of me ploughing my plots so you believe how hard I work. I’m glad I have my Water and Pesticide Sprinklers, or I’d have to each one individually and that would take forever!

Aviary Photo_130145631197494369

This is Luna, my cat, sitting in her favourite spot. She likes to wander around, but she always ends up sunning herself here. Ella gave her to me to look after, when we became Best Friends.


I have a few chickens and a cockerel (the black one), they were given to me by Old Hillpaw once we became Best Friends. They get killed a lot though by the vermin, but I’ve always got new ones coming along. Can you see my Orange Tree in the background? That’s a gift from Sho, when we became Best Friends. Gives some shade to the sheep I suppose. She did give me a Red Cricket pet too though, which is brilliant!


This is Jogu, he’s always drunk and likes to sleep in my pond. The pigs and sheep like him though, I think he scares the foxes away! When he’s awake, gives me free advice now we’re Best Friends, it means I know which crops will yield the best results! /dance


Here is Dog guarding the sheep. I’d call him Fluffy. He looks fluffy. I found him wondering the Heartland and gave him a home.


This is Miss Fifi. She stays just outside the farm or she scares the sheep. She was given to me by Haohan Mudclaw when we became Best Friends. She’s so big for a little Gnome like me!

I love my little farm, it’s a great place to spend some time and can get you a good profit too. Pink Turnip seeds I buy for around 2g for a stack and get 400g at the Auction House! I’ve also designed myself a fashionable outfit for when I’m working at the farm… what do you think?

Aviary Photo_130145654703045184

I hope you’ve enjoyed the short tour, good luck on finding your own best friends!

12 thoughts on “Happiness at Halfhill

    • Well, fashion is very important when farming! 😀 Thank you though, I couldn’t imagine not spending 10minutes picking my turnips there every day now!

  1. I really love my farm too but I don’t actually grow anything there anymore like you do. Cat just lounges around talking to Jogu the Drunk who sits by the pool and petting the dog if he’s there.

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