A Ghostly Cat

I love this hunter pet!

WoWScrnShot_042913_174435Key Points

  • You need to be at least level 19/20 to tame this pet (I’d go at 20, just to be safe)
  • Spawns in Darkshore – exact map with points here
  • Very similar in looks to a Spirit Beast, especially in prowl – which makes him so attractive, but does not have spirit beast abilities

Taming Strategy

  • If you’re taming this at level, clear the mobs around the spawn points first, to save you hassle later
  • You’re looking for cat figurines around the ruins – they’re quite small, they don’t sparkle and usually on the floor by a mob. Once you locate it, click it to destroy it.


  • Each figurine has a chance to spawn the Ghost Saber nearby – it has taken me 5 minutes by destroying 3 or 4, up to an hour destroying more than 30.
  • Standard cat tame – pop deterrence or frost trap and hit tame

Overall, this is a really easy pet which looks great and – even better – is available low-level. It has standard ‘Cat’ abilities, so nothing special there, but it’s quite unusual and different from the usual wolf or bear. I know it’s a trek to get to Darkshore, but he’s worth every minute. I still don’t have any Spirit Beast cats, so I use Ghost Saber a lot!

Happy Taming!

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