You Know You Play Too Much WoW When…

Here’s a collection of some of the one’s we can relate to. Add yours in the comments below!

…you ring on the way home asking whether you need to stop at the shops for mats for dinner.

… you serve dinner by yelling “food incoming!”

… you get your significant other a Birthday card saying “grats on your Ding!”

… you get into an argument with your significant other over the aforementioned Birthday card and tell your friends that you “pulled aggro with the Wife”.

… you threaten your significant other with the words, “if you don’t stop now, my beserk timer will end and I’ll enrage!”

… 8hours sleep is 4hours wasted game play.

… when your way of sympathising with your partner’s “I can’t sleep” statement, is by saying: “just alt+F4!”

… you refer mistakenly about your local town “Ironbridge” as “Ironforge”.

… when you’re tired and you tell your boss that you’re lagging today.

… when you’re asked to do the washing up by the Wife and you reply with, “what’s the quest reward?”

… when the wife drops a plate and you call her a “noob”.

… when you realise your other half is trying to talk to you whilst playing WoW and you reply with “wait a minute, babe, I’m AFK”.

… when you’re told to be careful not to get ganked as you walk home.

… you discuss cute WoW-based baby names… seriously.


8 thoughts on “You Know You Play Too Much WoW When…

  1. You know you play to Much when you are in a meeting at work behind a laptop and you use Your push to talk button when you want to say something :p

  2. You see an advertisment for ‘mojo wine’ (a wine brand here) and your first thought is not about the wine but about a frog.. mojo from zul’aman dungeon πŸ™‚

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