Monday Moan #16


I have been camping hunter pets a lot these past couple of weeks, and I’ve been really annoyed with several things:

1. People killing rare pets

2. People ninja-ing rare pets

3. People sharing your camp spot for rare pets


1. If you see a high level hunter in a lowbie area not moving, chances are he/she is camping a pet. Do us a favour, and when it spawns, LEAVE IT ALONE. The green is drops is so not worth it.

2. If you’re not a hunter and you see a hunter taming a pet… LEAVE IT ALONE. Don’t kill it just to be a prat… karma is a baaaad thing.

3. Oi! It’s mine, go away! If it was me and I flew to a spawn point and found someone already there, I leave that person to their own spot and go and find my own. I think it’s really rude and I refuse to compete over a pet… they were there first! It’s similar to queue jumping which also really gets my goat. May as well come back another time when they’ve gone.

In summary? BE NICE! Common courtesy seems to be a forgotten mannerism in today’s society. Let’s rediscover it, and hunters everywhere will be happy!


7 thoughts on “Monday Moan #16

  1. I feel your pain! Luckily you don’t play on a pvp server, as it would be you getting killed as well as the pet. There is such thing as player etiquette, which would make the game a better place if observed.

  2. On my little hunter I was wanting to get a spirit beast – think it was the one out of Amber Ledge (my mind is so foggy this morning I can’t even remember the name …) and someone else flew down and started looking for it too. I decided that I didn’t desperately want the pet (being as my hunter is an alt) and left the guy to his pet hunt. Not sure if it ever did spawn. I think I might actually go back and try again, but totally agree with you about people being prats. I mean I can forgive accidents with lowbie pets and friends trying to help, back when the devilsaurs kicked your butt, but it’s like these are spirit beasts, you don’t just accidentally kill them. That’s just a dick move!

  3. I once mined a node (there was a player engaged with a mob nearby – and I wrongly assumed he was questing), only to have him shout NINJA at me, and a couple of cuss words etc. I immediately apologised, open a trade window and gave him the 5 odd ghost iron ore that I’d just picked up. The bum thing is that instead of accepting that I’d simply made a mistake, and had the grace to apologise (and rectify it) he continued to rant about manners and players and blah blah blah. In the end I was so upset over the whole thing, because I refuse to behave like that at all, and it was an honest mistake, to then be yelled at for the next few minutes was quite upsetting đŸ˜¦

    • Ugh that’s the worse, try not to let it upset you. /hug

      I once made the mistake of pulling aggro without realising and running on towards the boss… got ripped into in the lowbie instance I was in and ended up a really horrid experience.

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