Re-roll – DING 80! Days 16,17 and 18.

Day 16

  • Level: 74
  • Area(s): Grizzly Hills
  • Favourite quests / moment: The Outhouse at Amberpine Lodge. We had a merry few minutes giggling!


  • Least favourite quest/ moment: All the troll quests in this area. I can’t put my finger on why I don’t like them, but I don’t enjoy them at all. Possibly all the back and forth? That said, I quite like this storyline!
  • Instance(s): Drak’Tharon Keep – I quite like Drakuru mon!
  • Favourite ability: N/A

Day 17

  • Level: 77
  • Area(s): N/A
  • Favourite quests / moment: Meh, dungeons
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: Meh, dungeons.
  • Instance(s): Violet Hold, Gundrak, Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning,, Azjol-Nerub
  • Favourite ability: I’m starting to get procs and buffs to manage now, which is proving complex!

Day 18

  • Level: 80 BABY!
  • Area(s): Crystalsong Forest/Dalaran, Icecrown
  • Favourite quests / moment: I liked doing most of these quests, as I hadn’t done them before (except a few for Loremaster).
  • Least favourite quests/ moment: The back and forth over the structures in Icecrown is irritating. We were with one of those “stop pulling the dragons”/”ffs who’s pulling dragons?”/”NOOBS STOP PULLING DRAGONS!”/”…”/ “don’t take 2 healer dragons ffs” type-tanks in Occulus. I really like this instance but the tank completely spoiled it.
  • Instance(s): Utgarde Pinnacle, Occulus
  • Total time played to 80: 1 day 20hours (would probably be 20 hours less if we didn’t afk all the time – but we’ll be honest!)


It is really worth  noting a new feature here.

Remember getting to Hyjal and having to scour the AH for gear or each mob would be double your health? Fret no longer! Patch 5.3 bought you “Iris Moondreamer” – a lovely lady who now sells ilvl 232 /level 80 gear for 25g each!! We outfitted ourselves for the Cataclysm for the princely sum of around 400g. /cheer

Aviary Photo_130154541362285826

Level 80 and rocking our new gear

11 thoughts on “Re-roll – DING 80! Days 16,17 and 18.

  1. Grats on the 80s :). And cool I had heard about there was going to be a vendor in Hyjal but wasn’t sure. Now to get my toons up there and deck out, no excuse for level 81 not having anything over 172 now 😀

  2. Congrats Mr & Mrs! I’m due to level my monk up from 75 to 80 at some point.. and eventually all the way to 90 but just can’t get into it *sigh*. Did not know about the lovely gear vendor either – I used to just bash my way through hoping I’d survive it!

  3. “Patch 5.3 bought you “Iris Moondreamer””
    Good reminder.

    There’s also an NPC in the ship, but he stops being a vendor. From WoW Insider:

    “In Vash’jir, Erunak Stonespeaker saves you from drowning and then sells the same gear as Iris.
    Note: If you are choosing to buy your gear from Erunak, make sure to do so before completing the quest chain that gets you out of the sunken ship. as he stops being a vendor in the next phase.”

  4. Here’s something for you:
    I don’t know if you know of Street-cat Bob, but James asked for a screen-shot – into which a cover of the book could be photo-shopped.
    People in the real world have been holding up the book, in front of sites around the world.
    I suppose the screen-shot could just be the book in front of something, but it could be fun to see the arm of the character holding the book up or actually face the character (which would be standing in front of something.
    Have a look at what the real world people have done:
    I thought of you two because:
    a) being British, you may have heard more about Street-cat Bob
    b) your gnome-based screen-shots have always been good
    You might only be able to show an arm, but I get the idea you’d find something nice for the background.

      • well, I used to level everything when I leveled. You know, euh, professions, archievements.. just, everything. xD
        save alot of money, etc. took time.
        so, I got bored of it before hitting level cap
        because of all those things! so, I have alot of.. ‘alts’ who have alot of money (I looooooove trading and the AH) but no use to it because they arn’t the right level yet for flying. I only have one who came pretty high, a bloodelf mage. level 72 😛
        then it goes down to .. 63? and 56. under those levels I have alot of chara’s 🙂 returning everytime, everytime I make a new char etc

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