Learn Your ABC with Mr and Mrs B!

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A is for Auction House: you can’t live without it, yet the need to use it fills you with dread.

B is for Battle Pets: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

C is for Characters: so…many…alts.

D is for Dailies: need I say more?

E is for Energy: 8 hours sleep is 4 hours wasted play time!

F is for Fire: don’t stand in it. It hurts.

G is for Galleon: I visit you more times each week than my mother… why do you not give me the mount? /sadface

H is for Halfhill: who needs real life when you have your own chickens and food supply in game?

I is for Instances: a love-hate relationship.

J is for: Justice Points. Useful only for… wait, what are they useful for again?

K is for King Varian: FOR THE ALLIANCE!

L is for Loot: /sigh… why does RNG hate me?!

M is for Mounts: so pretty, so valuable, so elusive.

N is for Noobs: Newbies. Nubs. Idiots. #justkidding we love you really

O is for Outland: the most hated place in Azeroth?

P is for Pandas. Simples.

Q is for Quests: don’t you just love that yellow exclamation mark?

R is for Raiding: similar to divorce – time consuming, emotional and expensive.

S is for Subscription-gate: WARCRAFT IS DYING! #justkidding, warcraft4evaIDST

T is for Transmogrification: aka Bad-ass Barbies.

U is for Undercity: does anyone actually ever go there?!

V is for Vashj’ir: how I hate swimming.

W is for World of Warcraft. Duh.

X is for XP: NEED MOAR.

Y is for Yak Wash: Best. Quest. Ever.

Z is for Zul’aman… Zul’Grub… Zul’Drak…. Zul… who cares, too many damn trolls!

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