Money Matters… Or Does It?

Recently, I bought some – I thought – extortionately expensive transmogrification shoulders off the auction house: Bonechewer Shoulderguards for just over 800g. I then looked the next day to find that this price had shot up to 5000g and was faced with the ultimate dilemma:

Do I keep the amazing shoulders and use them as intended, or should I sell them and make a potential 600% profit?

Don’t get me wrong… I want these shoulders… they look amazing with my new transmog, of which they were the last piece I needed:

Aviary Photo_130162247304478692

They are also uber rare, with a 0.3% drop chance. This explains the mad price.

So, do I sell them or do I keep them? I asked Twitter.

The responses were really interesting. Out of the people that responded, most said to sell them on, make the money, then buy again later when the price was lower. Only a couple of people said to use them, with a couple more saying it depended on how much I love them.

Personally, I’m not a gold maker. I try really hard to make money in a casual context: i.e., flipping items when I see the opportunity, ensuring I sell everything I can and using my professions if I have the opportunity. However, I don’t have knowledge of the markets and I tend to save and not invest. Perhaps not an aspiring stock broker…

The result? I kept them. I’m not really interested in making money and I’m much more interested in looking beautiful. I am glad I didn’t spend 5000g on them though, a proper bargain!

The question remains: would you sell them on or keep them? How much is too much for a piece of transmogrification gear?


5 thoughts on “Money Matters… Or Does It?

  1. To be honest, it depends on how much your greed out-weighs your your need/want of the shoulders. I don’t know how frequently those shoulders show up on the AH but it’s your decision to either sell them for a huge profit or keep them to complete a mog set.

  2. I recently bought the Jade legplates after waiting more then 7 months for them to be on the AH. I had the whole set and was just missing the pants. At the time I was prepared to pay around 8000 G for them. Someone didn’t know what they were selling and I got them for 120 G one morning. Same situation. I kept them just because I waited so long for them but I am still looking for another pair just so I can flip them. Love my complete set šŸ™‚

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