What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been…

My adventure started exactly a year ago, when I had just dinged 90 on my first character – my mage. I didn’t know anything about achievements, but I asked Mr B why people were hunting fires and my own interest ignited (good pun, eh?).

You all know I love my achievements, so this one seemed like the ultimate long term goal… I hoped I could do it within the year, even though we were offline for most of the Winter Veil (we got married!). It has taken some commitment, especially for the PvP achievements, but I’m happy to announce that today, I finally achieved it!

Aviary Photo_130163789032378312

This takes me up to 12805 achievement points. I suppose the only question is: which do I work on next?!

Aviary Photo_130163789305391740

Loving my Violet Proto-Drake!

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