Monday Moan #18


As you know, we have been leveling a lot this past week and something has come to my attention that really annoys me…


I KNOW you’re not supposed to be able to fly inside and that’s absolutely fine, but in order to save time, I like to be able to fly into the space and roll as I auto-dismount, thus saving time stopping, clicking off the mount, then carrying on. Imagine every time you enter a no-fly space that you do that – say 1 door every 5 or 6mins, 3 seconds per time… 10 times per hour is 30seconds wasted just on getting OFF your mount. Madness!

Regard, specimen A:

Aviary Photo_130165596716271877

Looks ridiculous, right? So much hassle getting around on.

Now, specimen B:

Aviary Photo_130165596585384454


Previous to this recent leveling experience, I have always used a drake to fly on – depending on my fancy but usually either my Volcanic Stone or more recently, the Violet Proto-Drake. They look cool and I like to show off. However, due to my annoyance at getting stuck in every door I fly in, I’ve changed to the Imperial Quilen. I’ve actually come to love him!

Does this annoy you too?

9 thoughts on “Monday Moan #18

  1. I play a few Tauren and have had this “mount in the doorway” problem for a very long time. It can be annoying, however, most of the time I just giggle and get off the mount. I usually use the Quilen on most of my characters other than the Tauren because it really doesn’t seem to have the doorway problem as often.

    • I’ve heard about this cow problem – but I’m unfailing in my loyalty to the Alliance (thus far) and wouldn’t know! However, this does present some funny images :p

  2. Not getting in doesn’t annoy me.
    I’d quite like to be dismounted with regularity, though.
    When you can’t get in, you aren’t dismounted. Perhaps the dismount zone could be extended to a few feet beyond the door.
    That way, you could ride up and do that “dismount and run in one” smooth motion.
    In the end, re mounting, what sort of establishment would allow a mammoth?

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