Re-Roll Days 24 and 25 (Farming and all sorts)

Day 24

We have been busy! We can’t blog about much else at the moment because we have been levelling like crazy!

  • Level and % of level: 78% through 86
  • iLevel: Mrs B: 403 Mr B: 410
  • Time played so far: 2 days 10 hours 36mins
  • Area: Upto and including the Halfhill starter quests in the Valley of Four Winds – DO THESE! They give 141k xp for tilling a couple of plots!
  • Favourite moments: getting a puntable marmot as a quest reward – very fun! Collecting the muddy water in the vial was different – annoying, but different.
  • Least favourite moments: clicking those Glade Glimmer’s at the Gilded Fan. Similar to the frightened animals in Hyjal. Meh.


  • There was also a 90 hunter one-shotting the mobs we needed to get meat from for skinning. I can’t understand this as he could have let us kill them and skinned them after with no effort. People’s ignorance astounds me.
  • Instances: Jade Temple.

Day 25

  • Level and % of level: 16% through 87
  • iLevel: Mrs B: 415 Mr B: 416 (still owning him on single-target damage though!!!)
  • Time played so far: 2days 9 hours 46mins
  • Area: Valley then Kun-Lai starter quests at 87
  • Favourite moments: Meeting Degu was pretty cool – still need to tame him! We also had lots of fun on the cliff harness.

WoWScrnShot_062513_212423 WoWScrnShot_062513_212308

  • Least favourite moments: none, we both enjoy these quests!
  • Instances: none.

We’ve both really enjoyed the last two zones… and THE YAK WASH is coming up in Kun-Lai which I love so looking forward to that!

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