Monday Moan #19

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“One of the most annoying things about leveling is when you are in a dungeon and this question gets asked: “So, who has recount?”
‘Recount’ is a DPS meter that shows the amount of damage done to a boss either in an encounter or over the span of the whole raid, which you can post to any chat window to inform others. Now, the main purpose of recount is to show how much damage you’re doing to a certain boss or mobs, but while leveling I see people using it more and more and getting uptight if someone’s DPS is not at a particular level.
I mean… really?! Why do people care if the rogue or mage is only doing 1k dps in a WoTLK normal dungeon?? Being a hunter, my DPS is usually quite high, but I don’t go out my way to hit the DPS that is required for the HC version of old content… I’m only focusing on not wiping and killing the bosses! That’s all people should be bothering about while leveling but oh nooo…. I have even seen people moan about DPS in Gnomeregan of all places! A friend once told me this: “people who moan about DPS at low levels only do it because they are the ones doing low DPS at end game”. Now, I don’t know how true that statement is, but if you’re going to moan about DPS in old level content I am going to /ignore you!”
So, what do you think? Are DPS meters at level 30 really necessary?!

14 thoughts on “Monday Moan #19

  1. I had a shaman moan about an arcane mage’s DPS the other day, in Razorfen Kraul. Of course, said shaman had been aggressively pulling stuff the entire dungeon, spamming chain lightning all over the place, and was in full heirloom gear, so no surprise at all he was top of total damage (and posted a Recount log to prove it), but … nobody cares. It’s a low level dungeon, things die so fast that some classes just won’t be able to do much damage (e.g. arcane mages and shadow priests, because they don’t have any AoE to spam).

    I think these people must just feel really insecure or something, as like you say the only place they can feel superior is in low-level dungeons, where it’s irrelevant anyway. That or they’re the ones boasting about being top of the damage in a raid, but are only there because they’re focused exclusively on doing damage, and not on boss mechanics.

    • Perhaps these people have ideals which you just can’t achieve in pugs. Similar to racing through dungeons at lightening speed – seems a shame to alienate people in that way!

  2. My usual response to those who ask to see recount is; download it yourself! Then you have those that do have it and do spam it in lowbie dungeons like it matters.

    I ignore those players so I never have to group with them again!

  3. I do glance at recount whilst leveling – but for my own edification. I like to know if my numbers are indeed getting better [than I was last level] and I don’t even really look at THAT until I get into BC/LK dungeons. The only time i would have concern about someone else in a dungeon based on their dps is if they were doing nothing and basically on follow which the hint there would be them on follow doing nothing.

    I typically will not post recount even if asked – regardless of level. Or will post it in a whisper if a person really wants to know.

  4. I err towards thinking it’s necessary but for personal use only. I like to see how my spell usage /cooldown use changes as I level and of course doing lots of damage is always nice but I’ve never spammed the meter and tend to stay quiet when anyone asks for it to be linked.

  5. I too look at recount when I’m leveling but simply to check that I’m getting better. I’m really not bothered by how much damage others are dealing. I’m normally at the bottom as I don’t use heirlooms etc. I’ve been ‘yelled’ at before for poor numbers but I just ignore whats being said in /p (well I read it but don’t respond).

    • I try to ignore them… I do! I have got in to the habit of reporting every bit of foul language used in chat, Blizzard must hate me.

      If you don’t have anything nice to say…

      • On the contrary – it’s players like US that take the time to bother with reporting players for foul language and I’ve even reported two players for cyber bullying in a ticket – that make their jobs easier to pin point the asshats in the game that spoil it for everyone else. Right click, report! πŸ˜›

  6. Recount or any other dps meter is nothing more than a tool to assess my own performance. If I see others the same spec as me doing more I find it useful to sneak a peek at their rotation, cooldown usage etc too.

    Bottom line is: I never use it as a weapon, bragging rights or link it in chat.

  7. I use recount only to make sure I’m pulling my own weight (and yes it’s thrilling when I hit top 3 for healing). If I happen to be dps – and some a-hole starts yelling “MOAR DPS from MAGE” or whatever I’m out of there so fast it’s not even funny, yes I would rather have a 30 minute dungeon debuff than have to deal with that level of snotwipery.

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