Here’s Gokk’lok, a neutral elite located West of Rikkitun Village, off the coast of Dread Wastes with an impressive 19million health.

So, I hear you cry, why should I bother killing it? Well, because it gives you a quest to get an awesome vanity item.. that’s why!

Aviary Photo_130174413014641471


It’s easy peasy with a well-geared character:

1. Attack the shell (you get an underwater breathing buff to help)

2. Kill the adds that spawn (even the cute seahorse type creatures!)

3. Accept the quest which auto-appears after it’s dead

4. Hand it in to Rikkitun Village and enjoy the reward: Gokk’lok’s Shell

It instantly respawns though, so don’t think you have to kill it twice!

WoWScrnShot_070413_185413This vanity item has unlimited charges, which is brilliant. You use it (30min cooldown) and you appear naked and blushing inside a shell as long as you stand still. Even better, is that you can let off a party grenade and dance the night away. Well, for 2minutes until it wears off anyway!


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