Mount Hyjal Raid – love or hate?


Most definitely.

Just LOOK at it.

The stupid bugs…


The looooooong walks…


The Horde… I mean, WHUT?


Even the buildings are silly… is that a turtle… or a dragon… or a kodo… or a turkodragon??


Even the stupid waves of mobs which bug out (pun intended!) ALL the time. Everyone moans about Violet Hold, but that is a stroll in the park compared to this monster. In fact, the ONLY good thing about this damn raid is the awesome gear which drops occasionally.

The unfortunate bit? I’m working on my rep grinds, and I’m only friendly with The Scale of the Sands… /sigh


3 thoughts on “Mount Hyjal Raid – love or hate?

  1. Love, if I have to choose.
    “Like” would be more accurate, though.
    It’s cool to slaughter the bugs and the travel distances separate the areas.
    Lord of the Rings would have been a bit odd if Mordor was next to the Shire.
    In the end, I’ve never thought of Hyjal as negative.

  2. I have one real memory of this place and that was falling off the edge of the path to my death! Needless to say this isn’t a fond memory!

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