With some guildies and a group of awesome Twitterfolk, off we went to Bastion of Twilight (BoT) Heroic to kill Sinestra to get the title: Dragonslayer.

Aviary Photo_130181142434349151

The Raid

This went pretty well, all things considered. Our line up was 2 tanks (DK/Warrior), 2 healers (druid/monk) and DPS (4 mages, 2 hunters). There were a couple of hairy moments with the Ascendance Council, where we hoped to just nuke it but it didn’t work. After a couple of tries, we understood we had to get them down to equal health before phase 3, and got them down.


Aviary Photo_130181142864456505It took us a while to understand all the different mechanics of this great lady. We finally got her down after about 6 pulls with 2 tanks, 3 healers (priest, druid, pally) and 5 DPS (3 mages, 2 hunters).

Phase 1

Wrack: this is a debuff that lasts a minute and ticks harder each second, eventually ticking for 10% of your max health every second, but spreads to two others in the raid when you dispel it. The Priest (myself) was responsible for dealing with this and using damage control. It was a compromise in the end – spreading the damage out amongst the raid for the duration of it.

Orbs: We all lined up on the right side of the room then when the orbs appeared, kited them out to the left and towards the back. It took some practice not to hit anyone else but once we got it, it was ok.

Phase 2:

Adds: the tank collected the adds and kept them at the back of the room.

Mana Shield: All ranged were responsible for getting this shield down, was a nuke

Eggs: Once the shield was down, two DPS went  for the eggs and killed them. Everyone else was killing adds.

Phase 3:

Tank swap here

Spritecaller: this was causing us the most problems – if you don’t get him down before he casts “Unleash Essence” then the raid wipes due to the 10sec massive AoE he does. He spawns after the eggs are killed.

The rest of the phase is identical to Phase 1. Wrack needs to be controlled again, which is harder as the raid takes more damage as the phase is longer. We saved all cooldowns for this phase.

Aviary Photo_130181142656500588

Overall, this was all about management of positioning. It was nice to do this raid and have to think, and I’m so happy those able to join got their titles after all their hard work!

Thank you to @Sophrosyne_wow, @AdmiringAzeroth, @SarahEd1981, @ElisaAnttila, @Legolene, Peppermint, Garias, Allenis and the other couple of pugs who helped us out.



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