Monday Moan #20


This week I’m dedicating the moan to something we can all relate with.


This is about normal for my PC…. IF I’m standing in a non-populated zone and not doing anything except flying or simple questing:

Aviary Photo_130182761562642323

However, THIS is what happens in any LFR which includes the following: a boss, being in melée range, being in caster range, AoE, timewarp, big spell effects, other people…

Aviary Photo_130182762661783719

The amount of times I’ve watched people go “the priest/mage/monk is afk, kick them!” because I literally can’t move and die because I get stuck in the fire…

This is what has been happening more and more recently:

Aviary Photo_130182761805543971

The latency got upto 3k yesterday. Joys.

The problem is mainly our service – we only have a 3mg line and can’t get fibre-optic in our area. The other is that we’re playing on laptops. But still, it’s so annoying!


6 thoughts on “Monday Moan #20

  1. The problem isn’t your bandwidth, most likely. I can do LFR fine on my cell phone’s modem and WoW doesn’t use all that much bandwidth.

    You could try making sure that no one is streaming Netflix/video or downloading anything while you are playing. If you have some sort of internet TV sharing your line that could also be a culprit. Or updates downloading in the background.

    In a nutshell, what I am saying is, if you really do have 3Mbps, you should be able to play WoW.

    • Oh, we can play Warcraft just fine, if we’re just questing outside a city. LFR is a sit-there-and-look-pretty tactic.

      No, no updates, downloading or anything… it’s just that bad 🙂

  2. I recently had a major issue with my lag that was making the game almost unplayable. At first I thought it was live streaming on my husband’s computer that was causing all of the trouble, however, much to my embarrassment, it wasn’t. Apparently, our ISP (Comcast) must have done an update on our modem/router service without letting anyone know. Once I reset my modem/router combo, everything was great and I was back to my regular stuff. Might want to try resetting your modem and router, it helps sometimes. *hugs* 😀

  3. I have the same issue on my comp when I do raids with the guild, it’s really bad after a bloodlust/heroism. I noticed you use recount and other addons, as I do. I switched to skada, it’s a little lighter, and I turn off the things I don’t care to see on it, like debuffs, cc, power, dispels, etc., I also turn off any addons that I won’t need for the 3 or 4 hours I’m in there, leaving me with about 20MB of addon memory being used DURING a raid instead of 76 MB like you have in that LFR. It will def help with those raid frames, I can promise you that.

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