Community Blog Topic: Is leveling too easy?

I know we’re really late with this – work commitments have been crazy – but I felt it was something we both felt like we should discuss. Be prepared for some difference of opinion!

Mr B

I am a veteran of Warcraft, I am now in my 9th year of playing and safe to say, I know my way around Azeroth. I think levelling IS too easy these days, for the simple fact that there’s no challenge for me anymore. Questing is so streamlined, you don’t have to worry about missing chunks out, or skipping whole zones. You no longer have to scour the internet for answers about how to do your quest and you can quest without even thinking. If you pulled more than one mob, back in the day, you died. End of. Even the extra xp with the heirlooms makes it easier, you level too quickly to replace armour and do enough damage not to worry too much about play-style. This lack of thought and indeed, lack of challenges, makes it boring.

Mrs B

I, for the most part, disagree. Levelling as a new player is hard. The quests are hard, finding your way around is hard, understanding how to level is hard. So much so that new players are intimidated by the amount you must learn in those first weeks of playing and quit. This is not what we, as a Warcraft community, want. Is it? New players bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the game which we need to modernise.

However, I can recognise that for those who have been playing for years, levelling has become an annoying hurdle to jump through in order to reach the end game on a new character. The new content of MoP has given something new to explore, but in order to get there, you still must revisit the old quests. BUT, there are so many OTHER ways to level – pet battles, PvP, PvE that really, this is a non-issue.

Really, if you think levelling is easy, spend an hour with a new player. Or, try levelling without heirlooms and in a zone you might not have quested in much before. How about the Ironman challenge? There are so many ways to enjoy the whole experience in potentially a new way, perhaps it’s time we stopped focusing on 90 and enjoy the process it takes to get there.

So, what do you think?

12 thoughts on “Community Blog Topic: Is leveling too easy?

  1. Levelling is indeed too easy.
    It should be a privilege to have a max level character – something you’ve worked towards and, itself, an achievement.
    Easy can also be seen as “quick”. I don’t think people now get to spend enough time looking around. It’s all about zooming through.
    Back to the basics!

  2. I’m semi torn. I don’t think it fairly represents playing at end-game but I think there is a good argument that if it was harder, most brand new players might not make it to end-game.

  3. I honestly think it’s made too easy. At Vanilla (I recently tried it out at a private server..) leveling is.. difficult, to say in the least! I didn’t hold on and left at level 12. At Wrath of the Lichking (another private server) I leveled just right. Not too easy, not too difficult. Now I also tried out a few months ago (about four?) Mists of Pandaria, and I honestly disliked how easy you could level.. I entered an instance, and left 1.5 level(s?) higher. But it’s also.. what you prefer, I think… When I first played WoW, Burning Crusade was just out! it was THE thing, I played a Draenai. I probably was around.. ten or eleven years old. But the world fascinated me alot! I played (on my brothers account ;D) even though I honestly didn’t understand half of it XD But, after all those years, I still am fascinated by the huge content WoW has to offer πŸ™‚ But put back by how easy it is made in Cata and MoP. so, it’ll stay private servers here πŸ™‚
    (Though, I might also be viewing this through pink-coloured glasses that everything was better back then!)

    • I’d be interested to see how Vanilla was (I joined late Cata) just for the experience! I still learn something new every day in WoW… so much to explore!

      Thanks for your comment, I love to hear people’s views!! πŸ˜€

  4. I personally think levelling is way to easy now. I’ve been playing WOW since day of release, I remember grinding mobs for weeks to earn enough gold to get my riding skill and mount at level 40. And then the same to get the epic riding skill at level 60, when I finally raised enough gold it felt like I had actually achieved something special it was the same feeling I had when I finally managed to get my first character who was a dwarf hunter to level 60. I can remember spending months grinding runecloth to hand in for night elf rep then once I was exalted riding around Stormwind on my epic cat flexing at every player I saw lol sad I know but that’s how it felt in vanilla if you wanted something you had to work for it and when you finally got it you felt great. From then on its just got easier and there’s no real sense of accomplishment when you ding a character to max level or get your max riding or flying skills.

    So when Cata was release I decided I wanted to see all the revamped areas at the proper level they were designed for, so I decided that every 5 levels I would xp lock my character and I would go and do all the quests and dungeons for my relevant level. I really enjoyed levelling like this I also decided not to use any heirlooms as i didn’t want to make the content easier than it already was. There are some great quest lines that if I hadn’t have levelled this way I may have missed the horde quest chain containing Johnny Awesome and his horse Sparkles still makes me giggle even now and some of the areas are really nice if you actually spend time in them. I enjoyed levelling this way that much that when I finally hit level 85 on my horde character and got my loremaster title and achievement, I decided to do exactly the same on the alliance side so that I could experience both sides of the story.

    The guild I was in at the time on my horde character couldn’t understand why I was levelling this way after asking for help to do the Icecrown elite quests from someone my level in the guild, They kept telling me just power through to lvl 85 then go back and do the loremaster achievement later. Personally I enjoyed doing it my way yes it took me a lot longer but I must admit I really enjoyed it more than powering through the quests and dungeons just to rush to see end game content which would still be there when I finally got max level and then going back to 1 shot low level mobs to do the quests I had missed where’s the fun in that ?

    Personally I really enjoy levelling characters up I wished blizzard would add another type of server where the xp is set at vanilla rate and where heirlooms weren’t allowed, I believe this would be a lot more of a community server too when compared to servers these days as there would always be someone wanting to join up to do the more difficult quests or asking for help. Which is lacking these days with all low level quest areas being able to be completed on your own with no help.

    • We really think this is a fantastic way to re-vitalise your gameplay and enjoy content as much as you’re able to at-level. We hope to see you back in WoW soon!

  5. I have to agree with Mr B, and kindly disagree with Mrs B. think the entire game has changed a lot since it was first introduced. I remember long nights spent roaming Azeroth with friends trying to get my Ony attunement. Remember back then when if you wanted to go to a dungeon you had to find people on your server, and actually travel out there without the use of a flying mount just to do it!? Sadly, I think with the changes coming in patch 5.4 to heirlooms, most people will quit farming end-game vanilla content entirely because there’s no financial incentive. Right now people run UBRS and MC for gear they can disenchant and in turn sell on the auction house. In the future you’ll just be able to slap a level 90 enchant on your weapon and forget it!

      • Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think that there’s a lot more to the game now then there was back then. (Battle-Pets, Arena’s, and Flying mount’s come to mind). But I think that the LFG and LFR have really tapered out the “guild” comradery. I also have to agree with you Mrs B that with so much to learn (Really, its 4 games in one now) it can be a little overwhelming at times! Best of luck to both of you in Azeroth, and great work on the blog!

      • LFR is a necessary evil and I hate it… of course, a lot of these problems comes from the LFG tool as people are now disposable. We don’t NEED to be nice to each other. I hate that!

        Thanks for your comments, we always love to hear them πŸ˜€

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