Well Read

Well read… does that make me an intelligent Gnome? *ponders*

Aviary Photo_130191331983196922

What to do

  1. Choose a character – I used a Mage because I figured the portals would come in handy. And they DID.
  2.  You need to find a guide for your faction. I used a good one on wowhead for Alliance players, with a few tweaks as it was out of date for Mists (the books in Scarlet Monastery no longer exist for example).
  3. Gather your patience (and a glass of wine!) and follow your chosen guide around the places. Be prepared to be in it for the long haul – it took me nearly 3 hours as I had to find the new places for the books after the Mists expansion.

WoWScrnShot_072013_112818The Cons

  • It takes a while!
  • It’s frustrating when you are trying to find books in a huge library
  • There’s no reward other than achievement points – a title or a novelty item would be nice

The Pros

  • It’s easy!
  • You get to see some pretty cool places en route
  • It’s 10 pretty easy achievement points
  • If you’re into lore, this is a rather interesting achievement

I think, although it can be incredibly frustrating trying to find the specific books, if you’re into achievements, this is a definite one to go for. 10 points for a couple of hours flying around isn’t too bad at all!

WoWScrnShot_072213_204922The Ironforge Library


8 thoughts on “Well Read

  1. Grats 😉 Like Jojo this is on my list to do, I think my mage is about 1/2 way through, I read all the pages and it takes ages so I end up getting sidetracked 🙂 I should get back to that one day.

    • Oh yes some of them are 13 pages long so I can see how it would takes ages! I kinda just wanted it done so didn’t read them all… oops 😉

      I hope you get it finished soon! I wish there was a title… “Librarian” or something!

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