The best mount (and worst grind) E.V.E.R!

The Netherwing Drakes have got to be one of the most amazing in the game, so it was obvious when I decided to start grinding reputations that this would be one of the first to go for.

First, a picture, then a short explanation if you’re looking to grind it yourself (in MoP as a level 90) below.

Aviary Photo_130193257198933170

Getting started

  • Be prepared for a long commute. Even as a Mage with Shattrath portals, it’s a long flight out.
  • You have three options: farm the Netherwing Eggs (275 rep each) or do the dailies. Or both. I chose the latter and it took me 5 days from when I really started to commit to the grind

What to do

  • Head over to the island off the East coast of Outland / Shadowmoon valley. This is where the dailies are. They’re pretty simple and spread out (you get one near Altar of Sha’tar at Revered too) so do them in the order that suits you
  • I downloaded an addon called GatherMate2 which showed me all egg spawn points – this helped as I was flying around I could check the points I passed
  • Look out for the eggs everywhere.
  • Don’t look in a mirror – you’re transformed into an Orc and they’re uuuuuuugly!


Aviary Photo_130193296005996798

Small, slightly glowy, found everywhere. Look in carts, on hills, by the crystals, in the buildings, under the drakes and in the mines. Definitely consider the addon as it helps a LOT.


  1. The mines: 2 available, kill stuff and collect cargo. These are easy and self-explanatory.
  2. Peons (a): knock them back into shape with the booterang! Find the one’s that are angry, disorientated or sleeping and use the item. Takes ages flying around the whole island.

Aviary Photo_130193296151859058       3. Peons (b): kill them off. Go to the hills on the mainland and kill the mobs (rays and the green dinosaur things) to get 12 fel glands. Then go back and feed them to the peons to kill them off.  Easy peasy!

4. Kill Agents: go blimmin’ miles away, kill 20 agents and come back. Easy, but time consuming.

5. Crystals: you get loads of these from mobs you kill in the mines, just hand them in once a day for easy rep

There are a couple of others (like the one at Sha’tar) which you stumble across en route, but really, these are the main ones that I used. I did grind as many eggs as I could each day – I averaged a couple but found 8 on the last day.

It is worth mentioning that the Dragon boss in Karazhan gives 2 eggs as a loot roll – you can solo this so definitely go and get them!


At exalted, you accept a quest next to where you hand the eggs in which flies you back to Shattrath to choose your free mount. Don’t worry if you can’t choose just one – you can buy the rest….

WoWScrnShot_072613_161557… from this guy (Drake Dealer Hurlunk) back at the base camp for 200g each.

Aviary Photo_130193295879166601

And if you’re like me and can’t decide which of the mounts to use… use this -very simple- macro to decide!

/userandom [flyable] Azure Netherwing Drake, Cobalt Netherwing Drake, Violet Netherwing Drake, Onyx Netherwing Drake, Purple Netherwing Drake, Veridian Netherwing Drake

Good luck – the mounts are totally worth the long grind!!!!


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