Gaming With Friends

Being an MMO, one would think that playing with others would be a top priority for most people. Well, it certainly is for us!

Throughout our time playing together, we have been lucky enough to meet many wonderful people and have enjoyed gaming with them on and off, chatting on TS and having some giggles together. There is one couple in particular – I’ll call them by their online names – Thondar and his girlfriend, Kiwii. I have mentioned them a few times on this blog, because they are really central to our online gaming time… we tend to group up a lot together and consider them great pals.

They recently took a long break. A looooooong break, and we missed them terribly. However, they’re now back and we decided to do something together from start to finish: level a quartet of toons from 1-90. This is almost a continuation of our own levelling project (read about that here) that we did as a couple a few months ago.

I’m not going to blog about it in great detail, but I will let you know how it goes. I imagine with 4 different people who all level and quest in different ways, it will be a really awesome experience for us all. So far, we are level 35 and levelling mostly through dungeons (we have a tank, healer and 2 dps as a group set-up). It has been great fun actually, seeing how fast we can run dungeons and lots of banter as we go.

Aviary Photo_130199430780181166Left to right: Thondar (Holy Paladin), Me (rogue), Kiwii (monk) and Mr B at the back (Prot Warrior)

What do you think? Is playing with friends important to you or are you happy to go solo?

14 thoughts on “Gaming With Friends

  1. playing with online friends is what really makes warcraft. Plenty of activites you can do by yourself but a friend or two is awesome sauce on enjoyment.

  2. Playing with friends is so important, especially in WoW! I am glad to hear you have made good friends in WoW. Guard those friends and keep them close; they will help you out when the trolls (and I do mean “rude people,” not the Race) start getting to your head.

    • I think it’s lovely couples play together. Gives a different dimension (good and bad :p) to the game! I can understand the pet battling addiction though πŸ™‚

  3. While I do enjoy questing and doing things on my own, nothing beats getting in vent and playing WoW with a few good friends. So yes, I think playing with friends is definitely important. Plus, it’s always good to create those good memories and have funny screenshots to look back on!

  4. Playing with friends is hugely important, the problem with that is if friendships take a turn and suddenly it’s like bumping into someone you don’t want to see. Just another reason this game mimic’s real life. I have recently had to re-examine my motives for playing, very, very closely. Thankfully I think that I, and indeed the friendship may come through this unscathed. Fingers crossed.

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