WoW Screenshot A Day, Days 1-5

This is a lovely challenge, (similar to the other blog challenges like 20 Days of WoW) which has been running courtesy of @tycertank on Twitter. With YouTube videos and LOADS of people taking part, it’s going to be awesome seeing what everyone comes up with! I thought it’d be nice to catalogue all of our own entries here every few days, so these are days 1-5: I missed the first couple of days due to our hols though 🙂

Check out Tycer’s own blog (here) for rules and hints and definitely, if you’re not already, take part. It’s fun!


As I said, we missed Days 1 and 2, so:

Day 3 (skyline) – Howling Fjord


Day 4 (Fresh) – White Snow


Day 5 (Early) – Ragnaros, the first raid boss

We did this raid with a group of lovely people from Twitter a few weeks ago, so it’s especially poignant!


That’s all for now, I’ll update on Day 10 with the next 5 screenies!

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