Celebrating a goal…

For the past few months I (Mrs B) have been trying REALLY hard to make gold. Not by playing the AH really (although I’ll flip an item if I see the opportunity), but by using my professions. In the end, I find most of my profit comes from my farm – so I try to spend half an hour there every day making sure I am planting and harvesting.

Anyway, this week I hit 100k gold, my first target.

Aviary Photo_130203486425184425

I promised myself that I would treat myself to one of the Panthers when I got there. I have been um-ing and ah-ing for a couple of days… we priced up Mr B making it but realised it was the same price as buying it off the AH. Then, we had to choose which colour – remember our accounts are linked through battle.net so we share mounts and achievements. I was erring towards red, Mr B towards yellow. In the end, he convinced me the Sunstone Panther was the way to go….


… and I don’t regret spending the money at all. I love him!


6 thoughts on “Celebrating a goal…

  1. I have a jewelcrafter, and I’ve had the recipes for the panthers for some time as well as the mats for the sunstone panther – bar the orb of mystery which costs 17K from the NPC. Currently at 10K gold and working hard to get to 20K so I can splurge and finally craft that damn thing. !!!

    • Which NPC is it 17k gold at? The one we found it was 20 o.O

      But good luck on your venture for your panther, they’re stunning! Which colour do you want first?

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