WoW Screenshot A Day, Days 6-11

Here’s the next update from @Tycertank‘s challenge.

Day 6 (This Means A Lot To Us) – Gaming With Friends

I, conveniently, posted about this earlier in the week… read the back story here.

Aviary Photo_130199430780181166

Day 7 (A Sign)

I took this with a pinch of salt and instead of going for a lovely sign I’d found in Azeroth, I went for the signs of WoW:

Aviary Photo_130203018275889298

Day 8 (peek-a-boo)

This came from when we were running HCs and decided to play games – much to the tank’s annoyance. Read the full story here.

blog1Day 9 – 2 O’clock

I struggled with this. In the end I decided to just choose something that I was doing at 2pm. Unoriginal I know. So, at 2pm that day, I was /bowing to Kroshik for the achievement ‘When in Ihgaluk, Do as the Skumblade Do’

Embedded image permalink

Day 10 (A Beverage)

Hanging out with Chen Stormstout at the Wanderer’s Festival!

Aviary Photo_130206281346071738

Day 11 (I love doing this!)

For this it was quite an obvious choice, and indeed, the theme of our blog: playing together. As I (Mrs B) am doing the challenge, I choice playing with my husband as the thing I love doing. As he is the one who introduced me to WoW, and the one I spend most of my online time with, it was nice for me to be able to give him the credit.

Aviary Photo_130173413290989504Hope you enjoyed them! I’ll update again soon!


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