I stumbled across the achievement of: “When in Ihgaluk, do as the Skumblade do” a few days ago, and decided it would be fun to start it.

Aviary Photo_130209862387776572Ever seen this guy hanging around?

kroshik1This is Kroshik and he has an achievement all to himself. The achievement requires you to simply /bow in front of him in his various forms: as an egg, a young dino, adult (which you see here), then as a poor sacrificed beast.

So, 4 phases. Each phase lasts 4 days so it will take you a few days to complete.

Egg phase

WoWScrnShot_080913_133312This is located at Progenitus’ (the rare on Isle of Thunder) spawn point.

Young Phase

Little Kroshik runs around Ihgaluk Crag, directly below where the egg spawns. Be careful, unless you’re a Saurok at this point, there are a lot of hostile mobs around.

Adult Phase

You can’t miss him – he wonders all over the place, between the beach and Ihgaluk Crag.

Sacrificial Phase

The poor guy ends up sacrificed on the altar at the beach. Go pay your respects!

You can start the achievement at any point in the cycle, so it’s worth having a hunt around for him when you’re next killing Nalak.

Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Kroshik

  1. Your posts have inspired my wife and I to get back into WoW. We are going to start some new toons and level them up; we might do like you guys and take screenshots along the way. Thanks for the posts! πŸ™‚

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