The Marvellously Magnificent Minfernal

I think most everyone has heard about these pets as they’re so rare. So naturally, after the hype had died down, off I went to Felwood to camp one.

This pic will make you giggle:

Aviary Photo_130215968654306264

Anyway, there’s a specific point in Felwood (near the middle by a group of pools) where they spawn. Their big brothers, the Infernal Sentries, are there hanging out, but you can ignore those. I’ve heard reports that killing them has spawned the pets, but wowhead says it has no correlation.

Remember, you can’t sell them on the auction house, so if you want one (for the Zookeeper meta achievement perhaps), then you’ll have to wait it out. I’d recommend having a battle stone to hand as well – chances are it won’t be a rare!

As a battle pet – so far – it seems pretty good. I am powerlevelling it and it can do a fair bit of damage to a level 25 using the Meteor Strike ability. It also looks super cool :

Aviary Photo_130215968917391044

As always, I’m not a pet battling expert, but if you fancy a challenge, definitely go after this guy. He’s badass!


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