Monday Moan #25


This week I’m having a mild gripe about not having an auction house in the Shrine.… unless you’re a privileged Engineer of course.

I UNDERSTAND why they have done it, and I UNDERSTAND that there’s a portal which takes only a couple of minutes to use, AND I even understand that I could always have level 1 Engineer just for the AH use…

BUT if you’re like me and hang out in the Shrine most of the time and keep most of your mats in the bank, then not having an AH there makes it really faffy. And I’m totally allowed to moan about that. So ner.

See you next week.

4 thoughts on “Monday Moan #25

  1. +1!
    It *is* faffy. I’ve accepted the fact I have to ‘live’ in Orgrimmar now when I’m playing the AH, which is such a shame, the Shrine is so much more prettier and I prefer the music 😉

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